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SVERKER – an Enduring Electric Industry Success

A rarely publicized factor in industry dynamics is the growth generated by those companies that complement larger enterprises. Megger Sweden AB is such company, and it recently celebrated an important landmark in its history by delivering the 20,000th SVERKER relay test set to come off the production line to ABB Substation. The product family that once was Megger Sweden's first commercial offering has now established an enviable reputation worldwide and has generated more than 500 million SEK in export income for the company and for Sweden.

The product was presented to Thomas Johansson, Senior Vice President, ABB Substation, by Stina
Flogell Östlundh, CEO, Megger Sweden AB, in a small ceremony at ABB in Västerås.

The success story started 38 years ago in a basement in Östermalm in central Stockholm, with two young entrepreneurs, Roger Haraldsson and Christer Österlind. A protection relay is a component of the power distribution network which detects an incipient fault and helps to minimise the spread of the power outage that results from the fault. The relays must be tested and calibrated regularly.

The new product developed by the young entrepreneurs was a portable test set for performing these tasks, and it was a very good one. Soon ASEA, which is now part of ABB, became aware of the young company, and its new instrument – the trustworthy

SVERKER – quickly became part of ASEA’s standard toolkit.
The SVERKER instantly became a bestseller and it has had a big impact on the world market for relay test sets. In fact, SVERKER is by far the best selling relay test product of all time. Since those early days, the success story has continued, with new products for switchgear maintenance added
to the Megger Sweden range.

The company that had initially been wholly dependent on ASEA/ABB
as a customer soon got wind in its sails and found its way to achieve independent growth and success, but cooperation and the good relationship with ABB remains.

The test set presented to ABB was a SVERKER 900, one of the first instruments to be produced in the seventh generation of the SVERKER product range.


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