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Megger introduces new Transformer and Substation Test System

Megger delivers a complete multifunction solution for testing transformers and other substation components

Optimised for transformer and general substation testing, TRAX is capable of performing numerous test functions including, for example,
measurement of winding resistance including demagnetization of the transformer core
tap-changer continuity and timing, turns ratio, excitation current
short-circuit impedance
tan delta, capacitance
CT and VT testing
circuit breaker timing and motion analysis.

The test system allows a wide range of currents and voltages to be generated and measured with high precision.
The TRAX220 has a maximum AC current output capability of 200 A, while the TRAX280 extends this to 800 A. For both units this can be further extended to 2000 A with an optional current booster.
Users have full control
Users have a choice of full manual control for specific measurements, or guided testing using the built-in TRAX “apps” for standard testing.

Each app implements a specific test function – for example, turns ratio measurement or winding resistance measurement – and automatically configures the instrument for this test.
All unnecessary information is removed from the display with only information relevant to the current test remaining.

This app-based approach makes the TRAX test system easy and intuitive to work with, and eliminates the need for extensive user training.

Other key features of Megger’s new and innovative TRAX test system include state-of-the-art transformer winding resistance measurements with test currents up to 100 A true DC at up to 50 V compliance voltage; dynamic on-load tap changer (OLTC) measurements; exceptional interference suppression to secure accurate readings even in high noise switchyards; a wide operating frequency range of 5 to 500 Hz (1 to 500 Hz for tan delta measurements); individual temperature correction of tan delta measurements using Megger’s patented technology; and automatic voltage dependence detection, which is another unique feature covered by Megger patents.
Maximum operator safety
To ensure maximum operator safety, TRAX incorporates ground-loop detection, dual interlocks and facilities for fast discharge of inductive measurement objects. Provision is also made for connecting an optional strobe warning light.
TRAX Transformer and Substation Test System currently includes three variants.

Both the TRAX220, with 200 A AC output capability and the TRAX280, with 800 A AC output capability have integral colour touchscreens for the user interface and to display test results.

The TRAX219 has capabilities similar to those of the TRAX220, but has no touchscreen and is designed to work in conjunction with an external computer.

Optional accessories available for use with TRAX include the TDX120 unit for tan delta and capacitance measurements, the

TSX300 unit for three-phase measurements on transformers, and the TCX200 unit for high-current testing up to 2000 A.


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