10 V to 100 V special applications insulation and continuity tester

Product Documents

This product has now been discontinued, please view the MIT420/2 alternative products.  

  • Variable insulation test voltage from 10 V to 100 V
  • Insulation resistance from 2 GΩ to 20 GΩ
  • Continuity testing at 200mA down to 0.01 Ω
  • TRMS & DC Voltage measurement
  • Frequency measurement 40 Hz to 400 Hz

The MIT40X insulation and continuity tester offers an easy-to-use products for those how have awkward insulation resistance measurement applications where a lower test voltage is needed. The MIT40X test voltage can be selected over a range from 10 V to 100 V. Applications include avionics, marine and other military applications, manufacturing, electrostatic measurement and component testing.

A key feature of the design of the tester is its waisted profile making it easily held by operators with the smallest of hands, and it can be used right or left-handed, just as easily.

There are other features that add to the convenience of operation including, a built-in stand, probe clips etc.