32 kV, 1750 J cable test and fault location system

  • Safe and fast fault location with latest Teleflex SX-1 technology
  • High surge energy for effective pinpointing of faults
  • Various fault location methods included
  • High performance fault location systems „
  • 0.1% accuracy „
  • Detachable, battery-operated TDR „
  • Sophisticated ARM multi-shot technology „
  • High and low voltage pre-location in one modular unit
  • Multi-stage surge capacitors

The SFX32 (or Surgeflex 32) 32 kV, 1750 J cable test and fault location system is a mobile system for locating and pinpointing faults in low and medium voltage cables. The powerful ARM (Arc Reflection Method) is used for the pre-location of high resistance faults up to 32 kV. Should the conditioning of faults be required, it can be done with this instrument using short-term burning at all voltage levels.

The SFX32 series consists of portable fault location systems designed for various applications including cable testing, pre-location, fault conditioning, pinpointing, and sheath fault location.

The systems include two modules: a high voltage surge unit with DC testing/burning capabilities, plus selectable voltage levels up to 32 kV, and a high-performance time domain reflectometer (TDR Teleflex SX) with up to 400 MHz sampling rate.

Using innovative time domain reflectometry techniques, the SFX systems reduce troubleshooting time, improve work efficiency, and guarantee quick and reliable fault location even on more challenging faults.

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Power Cable Fault Locating Safety Notice