50 and 100 kV AC Dielectric Tester

50 and 100 kV AC Dielectric Tester

AC Dielectric Test Sets

  • Permits ANSI A92.2 for tests on aerial bucket trucks
  • 50-kV tap with doubled output current for ANSI A92.2 bucket liner testing
  • Output current meter, with guard circuit, for ANSI A92.2 leakage current measurements

The 50/100 kV AC Dielectric Test Sets are ac high-voltage sources for testing electrical insulation. The standard system includes a control/instrument cabinet, a high-voltage transformer assembly and all necessary cables including ground and input power.

These test sets consist of general-purpose ac high-voltage sources suitable for dielectric withstand (high-potential) testing of all types of electrical insulation. They also permit guarded leakage current measurements and are suitable for use with capacitance and dissipation factor bridge systems to measure insulation power factor.