Portable oil dielectric strength test set

  • Lightest - miniumum weight 16 kg - portable instruments for measuring insulating oil breakdown voltage
  • Lock in precision - oil vessel with lockable adjustment
  • Bright 3.5 inch colour display visable out doors
  • Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils
  • Trip detection circuit with direct measure ment of voltage and current
  • Ultra fast (<10 μs) HV switch off time

Megger’s automatic portable oil test sets perform accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids. Moulded test vessels give repeatable results in the field and laboratory with lock in precision electrode gap setting adjustment wheels. The transparent, shielded lid is a key feature enabling users to see what is happening within the test chamber.

Megger portable 60 kV and 80 kV oil test sets are the lightest on the market ranging from 16 kg to 23.5 kg depending on model and configuration. They come complete with optional carry bag and transport case.

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