Insulation testing
AC insulation testing
HPG50-H, HPG80-H, and HPG110-H

HPG50-H, HPG80-H, and HPG110-H

AC and DC test systems

  • Separate control and HV units
  • Continuously adjustable voltage
  • A powerful system capable of continuous operation at 1.2 kVA; 60 min, short operation at up to 3 kVA
  • DC testing via a rectifier attachment
  • Compact, maintenance free, cast-resin high voltage transformers 

The HPG50-H, HPG80-H, and HPG110-H are AC and DC test systems suitable for 50 and 60 Hz AC testing of low capacity test objects. Optionally, these units can also be upgraded to function as DC test sets by mounting the rectifier attachment on top of the transformer. This instrument is ideal for testing switchgears, voltage and current transformers, medium voltage plant/components, and DC cables.

The abilities of these models are:

  • HPG50-H: AC testing up to 35 kVRMS/DC testing up to 50 kV
  • HPG80-H: AC testing up to 58 kVRMS/DC testing up to 70/80 kV
  • HPG110-H: AC testing up to 78 kVRMS/DC testing up to 110 kV

The HPG test systems consist of two separate units: the control unit and the high voltage unit. This separation enables you to use the test set on site without any complications. The control unit is used to operate the high voltage transformer and consists of a variac, current/voltage display instruments, a timer for the test duration, and a safety circuit. The low voltage winding can be continuously excited from zero to the maximum value so that a certain output is available for a pre-determined period. The operating duration depends on the application, ranging from a few minutes to continuous operation.