Power Transformer

Power Transformer

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There are several facets to a transformer’s overall health (dielectric, magnetic, mechanical and thermal) and many components that must be tested to verify the transformer’s whole condition. These include: windings and winding leadstransformer insulationtransformer core, and accessories (tap changersbushingsbushing CTs and surge arresters).  For the assessment of each transformer component, a varying suite of electrical field tests is recommended. Each test in an individual component’s diagnosis test group has a characteristic strength(s) but also deficiencies. However together, with each test contributing unique diagnostic value, the group provides a robust representation of that transformer component’s health.

Many of the electrical field tests appearing in these suggested groups provide assessment information for several transformer components at once. So when the individual component test lists are merged, a thoughtful and smart overall test recommendation for transformers emerges. As some transformer tests are better suited as commissioning and diagnostic tests, the reason for testing (e.g., commissioningroutine screening and diagnostic test situations) will influence the electrical test recommendation for transformers. 

Power transformers as well as their components face a normal aging process during their service life. Power frequency (50 / 60 Hz) power factor / tan delta testing has been the standard for evaluating the dielectric condition of transformers. Time has shown that power frequency assessment can be greatly improved with the addition of 1 Hz power factor / tan delta. 1 Hz is fundamental to assess the true condition of bushings and transformers and validates the results of power frequency tests, providing confidence for technical and financial decisions and peace of mind to manage the operation of transformers. 

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