Ferrolux FLG12

Audio frequency generator

  • Precise location, even above a bunch of cables, with SignalSelect
  • Multi-frequency operation prevents manual switching
  • Durable operation
  • Automatic impedance matching
  • Intuitive EasyGO operation system

The Ferrolux FLG12 audio frequency generator is a measuring system that provides solutions to a wide variety of problems for operators of power and telecommunication cable systems as well as public utility companies for gas and water supply. The Ferrolux FLG12 can be used for cable tracing, cable selection, cable fault location, or the location of metallic pipelines.

The Ferrolux FLG12 can transmit all available frequencies simultaneously. It eliminates the need to switch frequencies manually on the transmitter while tracing the line. Together with the Ferrolux Rx audio frequency receiver, proven location methods like SuperMax and SignalSelect for identification of the direction of signal current are available. It guarantees precise tracing, even above a bunch of cables.

Furthermore, a pulsed signal allows for clear identification of the transmitter signal in a noisy environment. The Ferrolux FLG12 transmitter has an integrated antenna for inductive coupling of the signal and a large colour display and the proven EasyGo menu allows for intuitive operation.

The instrument measures and displays the loop impedance of the test object, output voltage and current, and phase angle. Continuous operation when feeding capacitive loads (insulated gas pipes) or inductive loads (shorted cables) also does not cause any overheating problems.