Battery Database Management Software

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  • Organizes and manages battery data
  • Performs trending analysis
  • Assists the user to manage multiple batteries
  • Prints basic reports

The first of its kind, ProActiv is a powerful, easy to use battery database management software designed to analyze each individual battery in a battery system.

Battery testing is crucial to ensure a battery system provides standby and emergency power to operate devices such as emergency lighting, UPSs, operating controls, switchgear components, protective relays and continuous process systems. Failure of a battery system within environments such as utilities, hospitals or manufacturing plants can result in operational failure of the devices connected to it. ProActiv assists the user to avoid battery failures, budget for future battery string and cell replacements, and plan battery changeouts in an orderly manner.

ProActiv utilizes a standard MS Access database format. It allows the user to organize and manage battery data such as voltages, impedance, intercell connection resistance, ripple current, specific gravity, IR thermographs and more.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
Battery testing guide