Battery ground fault simulator

  • Ideal for battery ground fault location, training, and demonstration
  • Create positive and negative ground faults
  • Produce low and high resistance faults
  • Design capacitive phantom faults
  • Create multiple ground faults
  • Operate with both the BGFT and BGL

The BGFS battery ground fault simulator is a demonstration/training tool for the Megger Ground Fault Tracer (BGFT) and the Megger Battery Ground Locator (BGL). The BGFS provides the ideal training platform for learning to characterise and locate battery ground faults by providing a simple and easy method for simulating different characteristic ground (or earth) faults. To that end, it is capable of simulating positive or negative earth grounds, resistive, and phantom capacitive grounds, as well as single or multiple grounds. It is also capable of creating ground faults with high leakage current

With the BGFS, you can learn how to characterise and locate battery ground faults using the Megger BGFT as well as understanding how to use the wheatstone bridge on the BGFT. It also teaches you how to characterise and locate battery ground faults with the Megger BGL.