Website Walk-through

20 May 2020

This week’s blog is a little bit different. Don’t panic though, we’ll get back to the regularly scheduled storytelling and knowledge-building next week. This week though, we’re going on an adventure – around the Megger website. Before you click that exit button, stay with me. I guarantee that you’ll either learn something new or get a good laugh (or maybe both), so hang tight. Let’s get started.

Today, we’re taking a look at the most important features of our website – that you maybe don’t already know about. Obviously, I don’t have to mention the website’s greatest feature… this blog, of course. That’s a given, yes? Totally kidding.

Anyways, let’s get to it.

Webinars – Okay, first and foremost, the webinars page! If you haven’t been here yet, what are you even doing with all of your free time anyways? It’s one of the first things you’ll see at the very top of our site too, so it’s pretty hard to miss. From testing theory and application to best practices to industry standards and safety, trust me – there’s a webinar for you. Here, you’ll find a schedule of all of our future webinars, including registration links, date and time, presenter, and more! Plus, you can see the recordings for all of our prior webinars on this page too, so that’s a great feature. If you’re sick of binge-watching Netflix or you just can’t physically bake any more bread while you’re stuck at home, might we suggest watching an old webinar? Just a thought. If you’re on the east coast, most of our live webinars are around lunch time. We make a great lunch date.

Frequently Asked Questions - Next up FAQs – a hidden gem. From battery testing to using a time domain reflectometer to software troubleshooting, we’ve got the answers. And by we, I mean our application engineers and product managers because I clearly don’t know the answers! But if I wanted to know, I’d look here. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What do these results mean?”, “How do I connect these leads?”, or “What’s the best way to test this?”, then this is the page for you. Plus, if you hate talking to people, this could save you the phone call or email to an application specialist. What a win! While this is an extensive list of frequently asked questions, we understand that we couldn’t answer everything. You’re always welcome to reach out to us here if you need more help.

Electrical Tester Online – Okay, so the Electrical Tester is Megger’s magazine; therefore, Electrical Tester Online is basically the digital version of the magazine. Simple enough, right? Here you’ll find links to recent, hand-picked industry articles – written for high-voltage electrical engineers working on utilities and industrial applications. If you’ve never checked it out before, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Featured Product Videos – I am embarrassed to say that I’ve been working at Megger for almost a year, and I just discovered this website feature. Ugh. Obviously, you can find all of our videos on Youtube, but if you’re looking for the latest video content in one simple place – look no further than right here! The most recently uploaded videos are shown at the top of the page and you can also sort the videos by application, which is handy.

Technical Library – If you want to forget everything on this blog except one thing, I encourage you to remember this – the technical library. If you’re looking for a technical guide, an application note, or a software download – it’s all here and it’s all free. You just need to create an account first. Once you’re in, it’s all yours! The easiest way to find something is to simply search for it, but you can also filter by resource or application type.

Company History – Finally, if you like history (even a little bit), you’ve got to check this page out. If you dislike my long, wordy blogs, then you’ll love this scrolling, image-heavy page too. I won’t be offended. Plus, you can check out what an insulation tester looked like in 1903. Hint: it looks like a wooden treasure chest. And if you’ve ever been confused by the many acquisitions and mergers of Megger, then this page should clear things up for you.

Well, that’s about all folks. You’re basically a web expert now, I’d say. Did I miss anything?