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Welcome to the Megger Brand page, here you will find access to everything referenced in our corporate identity’s standards, and everything you should need to help keep the Megger brand upheld and looking professional. 

Megger strives to present a clear and consistent image to its customers. That clear and consistent image is reflected not just in marketing communications but also in presentation. Our corporate identity standards have been developed to ensure that we present ourselves in a professional, high quality, clear and consistent image.

Corporate identity standards bring together and reinforce Megger’s identity for all media and products across the globe - they are our branding bible not a guideline and should be referred to when any design or customer facing artwork is required. 



Download our main logo here – this is the Megger logo, and our preferred version, try using this whenever possible.  Download the jpg here.

Black and white

For any instances where the pure white or black logo are required by non marketers/designers please contact your local marketing team or  group marketing



Whilst Frutiger is Megger’s corporate typeface it is not widely available in word and therefore is mainly used for Marketing and professionally designed material, Ariel is the widest used fonts amongst most staff and content generators.


Megger Symbol fonts - With a myriad of appropriate electrical symbols this is for technical content such as app notes and technical guides. Download the font here.


Arial font is mostly used for word and powerpoint presentations - it is widely available on almost every PC and Mac.  


Frutiger – Any professionally designed document (anything made in Adobe or Solidworks etc) 

N.B. due to some historical practices a Global license was not bought for our company font Frutiger, therefore it is illegal for me to share.   Most marketing teams have their own license (but cannot comment on the type of license they bought)  we are looking into this at group but may not be immediate, most people will use Arial for their day to day needs. 






We now have two new templates to support the two types of monitors/projectors that are available;  

  • 16:9 aspect ratio, for wide-screen applications / presentations 


  • 4:3 aspect ratio, for presenting to groups where the white boards/screens are of a more traditional format. 


PowerPoint 4:3


Download the 4:3 Ratio template here

PowerPoint 16:9


Download the 16:9 Ratio template here. 



Application notes

Megger should have a consistent, coordinated look when presenting internally and externally. All staff should work to the same design for professional consistent presentations. 

NB _ Always save your App note as a PDF before circulation !!!! this way the content is not easily editable and reduces risk of erroneous and unsafe content being added! 



Download A4 template: Application note template (Please note some may need details amending contact local or group marketing services for support)  


Download Letter template:   Application note template (Please note some may need details amending contact local or group marketing services for support)  


Company stationary

We have a new stationary design - those responsible in local sites for their company stationary (HR, Reception/Admin, Comms office managers whoever it may be) please contact group marketing who will liaise with you in order to  get a printable updated version for you as well as the word template version.