Marketing - Print Chapter

Marketing - Print Chapter


Welcome to the Megger Marketing – Print page, here you will find access to everything referenced in our corporate identity’s standards, and everything you should need to help keep the Megger brand upheld and looking professional.

‘A brand is far more than the name, logo, symbol or trademark that highlight its origin, it is imbued with a set of unique values that defines its character and works as an unwritten contract, promising to deliver satisfaction by providing consistent quality each time it is bought, used or experienced. Brands also seek to connect emotionally with their consumers, to ensure that they are always the first and only choice, creating lifelong relationships ’

Catherine Slade-Brooking - Laurence King Publishing

2016 saw the company embark on a major brand refresh - this was spurred by a need to freshen and reinvigorate the brand, but also a need to present ourselves with a universal and cohesive visual style. As a result, we now have a fresh new Megger that we have all worked incredibly hard to create.

This section is for Marketing and Design professionals, all templates are Adobe Creative Cloud 18 generated but packaged with and idml file for prior versions.


The new grid is the backbone of our new brand furniture. Taken from the renown M of the Megger logo, when used correctly and consistently it will ensure visual consistency for the Megger brand across sites and languages, ensuring no matter how a customer finds us, they will recognise and understand they are with the true Megger by the quality and consistency of the correct branding. To ensure the consistency of angles please NEVER adjust the width or height of the triangle separately, as this will change the angle and the visual impact will be negated.




The bullk of the necessary templats for marketing items are listed below, these are all packagiedAdobe Creative Cloud items.  For anything missing or guidance on the brand furniture and templates, please contact Group Marketing or the DCS team here.  


When red is combined with the other elements in the identity, it creates a strong and recognisable marketing tool that sets Megger apart from its competitors.

We have a strict list of colours that are an integral part of our brand and our recognisability. Please help support and continue this by always using the values and colours specified here. Drawing offices, please see your section for colour values of products and displays or contact Group Marketing




Megger catalogues are for a combination of more than one product or range.



The US Letter format comes in Frutiger only as US and Canada are the only countries that use the Letter format.

Each template has the same content page with corresponding paragraph styles and at least 5 other templates pages with various styles of image size and positioning, which should give enough freedom of layout for whatever content is generated.

The templates at present are not up for editing*1  without consultation with the DCS team.


Megger brochures contain single product families or such as Centrix series, TRAX etc.  Template links are available from the download link to the right. There are three templates:




Certificates for Megger hosted training are required by many.  We have unified the styles to ensure qualtiy and consistency.   These are tailorable to the indidvudal site hosting the training and the image should be reflective of that. 





There are 4 certificate templates,

Portrait - Print to Edge
 - for professionally printed (professionally  printed items)

Portrait  - White borders
 - for internally printed items  edge to edge unavailable- internal printing )

Landscape - Print to edge
 (same as above)

Landscape - White borders
(same as above)

For those printing their certificates ‘in-house’ the borderless option is the most appropriate,  for those that pre-print blank certificates professional edge to edge will be ideal.  

Externally printed items

It is fundamental to the success of the job that you know what type of printer you will be overprinting these items on. 

If you have a laser-jet you will need to talk to your professional printers as they will need to print in Ink jet (non digital)

If you will be overprinting on an ink jet printer it will not be an issue.  

Laser/Digital printing uses a ‘fusing’ function whereby the ink is laid as powder onto the page and then a layer of oil is heat treated onto the page - if your items do not ‘run ‘ when exposed to water then you will have a laser-jet/digital printer.  The issues is if you run this through another heat treated system it tends to remove the existing ink and can cause serious issues with your printer. Inkjet is when tiny jets deposit droplets of ink.

Corporate stationery




Exhibitions have been segmented into two types

Purpose built and Pre Existing  

Purpose Built 



The Big 6 -6  International highly respected conferences where no marketing team is based and are untenable for local teams to support.

There is a clear procedure for requesting any support/involvement with these.  Download the procedure here,



Pre-Exisitng exhibitions are panels/units already made and with the sales/ marketing teams for use in multiple trade shows and customer events. We have pre-determined templates for all Roll-Up Banners- these are set to an default size but as with most orders will need customizing to suit the suppliers dimension.