Cable Diagnostic Tester

  • Absolutely non-destructive condition evaluation of PE / XLPE / paper-oil insulated cable systems
  • Simple operation and automatic measurement procedures
  • Three-phase parallel measurement for current and voltage – duration of a complete measurement 1 hour
  • Extended dynamic range for IRC measurement for long cable segments
  • Measurement of charging current during formation
  • Improved filters
  • Extended capacity of internal rechargeable battery for serial measurements
  • Extended formation voltage up to 5 kV – suitable for diagnosis on HV cables

The portable combined CDS is used as universal dielectric diagnostic system on PE / XLPE insulated cables as well as paper insulated cables worldwide. It combines the known methods of Isothermal Relaxation Current measurement (IRC-Analysis) and Voltage Return Method (RVM-Analysis) for aging and deterioration diagnostics. Due to the low charging voltage of the measurement the CDS works absolutely non destructive.