BT500 IS-1

BT500 IS-1

Cable fault converter

  • Automatic discharge
  • Overload protection „
  • Automatic discharge system „  „
  • Sheath fault pinpointing combined with a sheath fault location unit
  • Continuously adjustable output voltage in the ranges 500, 1000 and 2000 V „
  • Floating potential at either outputs „

The BT 500-IS-1 cable fault converter is a small portable unit used for converting high-resistance cable faults from signal, control, and telecommunication cables into low-resistive ones. Its source of adjustable voltage (0 to 2 kV) has a balanced output, i.e., a faulty pair of wires can be connected to its output terminal and balanced to earth (ungrounded).

Moreover, the BT 500-IS-1 has even more special features including fault location at reduced power to prevent damage to adjacent wires or cables and indication of voltage and current via two analogue indicating instruments.

Not only is the BT 500-IS-1 a powerful sheath tester with a pulsed output voltage for the pinpointing of sheath faults, but it also has adjustable output voltages of 0.5, 1, and 2 kV, making it almost impossible for it to exceed the maximum permitted voltages for these types of cables.