Fault Sniffer

Fault Sniffer

Cable fault pinpointing in low voltage networks

Product Documents
  • Consumers can stay connected
  • Fault location that doesn't interrupt power supply
  • Reliable avoidance of incorrect excavations
  • Fast and easy fault location

In many situations, conventional fault location is impossible. For example, when the electrical supply cannot be disconnected or the necessary fault location system is temporarily unavailable. This is where the Fault Sniffer can help you. It enables you to locate the fault quickly, without interupting the power supply.

How? It’s simple! Each cable fault burns the insulating material, producing gases that spread in the ground and can be measured even after days or weeks. The Fault Sniffer is optimised to locate these combustion gases, which are produced from any type of insulation material, making it a reliable indicator of a fault.