Pil 8

Cable and phase identifier

  • Maintenance-free transceiver clamps
  • Suitable for any type of switchgear
  • Requires only one person
  • Easy operation
  • Absolute safe phase identification

The PIL 8 cable and phase identifier permits a fast and safe phase determination at the jointing location during the mounting of medium voltage cables and is suitable for any type of switchgear.

The VDE regulation 0105 part 1 (EN 50110-1) stipulates that for the purpose of phase identification in medium voltage cables, it is necessary to disconnect the earthing and short-circuiting for the duration of the measurement and other suitable safety measures must also be implemented. The PIL 8 meets these requirements as it eliminates the need to disconnect the short-circuiting and earthing circuit. After installing the three pairs of clamps, the doors of the chamber can be closed.

The PIL 8 works with three pairs of transceiver clamps: one of each is connected to the short-circuited phases without any connection leads (power supply is not required!). At the other end of the cable (cutting point, other substation, etc.), an audio frequency current is fed into the cable by means of a battery-operated audio frequency generator. This audio frequency current generates a voltage in the transceiver clamps which is recorded and stored in a capacitor.

There is a small audio frequency generator inside the transceiver clamps that, as soon as a DC voltage is connected, transmits a coded signal to the receiver indicating the designated phase connected to each pair of clamps. Now, the audio frequency generator at the cutting point of the cable is used as a receiver which displays the transceiver clamps’ signal.

For each phase, the PIL 8's transceiver clamp is installed on the grounded cable end and then, at the selection point, each phase is identified and marked. The instrument is easy to operate and only requires only one person to do the test.