MMG 10

Cable sheath tester

Product Documents
  • Adjustable current limiter
  • Easy and powerful testing of cable jackets
  • Pulsed output voltage for sheath fault pinpointing
  • Burning of cable faults

The MMG 10 sheath test system has been designed for voltage testing plastic insulated cable jackets to evaluate the leakage current in respect to the cable lengths. It can also pinpoint sheath faults in plastic insulated shielded cables and earth faults in unshielded cables using a pulsed output voltage. Pinpointing is done by the step voltage method with the earth fault locator ESG 80-2 or ESG NT. 

The MMG 10 has a high output current for the low resistive burning of a fault and also has an adjustable current limiter to avoid eventual drying or the unintended change of a fault spot.