CAT III TRMS multimeter

  • True RMS CAT III multimeter
  • AC/DC voltages up to 600 V
  • ACA/DCA up to 10 A
  • Resistance 0 to 40 MΩ
  • Frequency 10 Hz to 10 kHz
  • Capacitance 0 to 4000 µF
  • Duty Cycle, Diode, Continuity
  • Function data Hold, MAX/MIN
  • Bult in flashlight

The AVO215 true RMS multimeter is a rugged compact instrument for demanding environments. It measures true RMS voltage up to 600 V and current to 10 A with 4000 count resolution. As well as resistance, continuity, frequency, and capacitance for quick verifications, it meets CAT III 600 V AC/DC safety and contains a built-in flashlight, making it ideal for wide range of applications.

The AVO215 comes with a range of useful features, such as the continuity function, which provides audio and visual results through the use of a buzzer, and the diode function, which allows forward reverse bias testing of diode and semiconductor junctions. Additionally, the unit has an auto range or manual range selection, enabling you to do the job with precision and speed, and it's MIN/MAX and hold functions allow you to read the results easily in daily use.