Circuit breaker test systems

  • Provides reliable and accurate test results in noisy high voltage substations
  • Five standard models
  • Modular design for customized configuration
  • Full stand-alone functionality or data acquisition models without user interface.
  • Faster and safer testing with DualGround™, both sides of breaker are grounded
  • On-screen assistance with connection diagrams and test template wizard
  • All models can be controlled via computer

The TM1700 series of circuit breaker test systems use the ground breaking technology from the top-of-the-line TM1800 series. There are five models in the TM1700 series (TM1710, TM1720, TM1740, TM1750, and TM1760) and they can all be operated as standalone units or from a PC using the data management and analysing software CABA Win.

The TM1700 series are robust on the outside with powerful technology on the inside, enabling you to achieve efficient and reliable circuit breaker testing in challenging environments. Indeed, all inputs and outputs on the instruments are designed to withstand the challenging environment in high voltage substations and industrial environments. What's more, galvanically isolated inputs and outputs make it possible to perform all relevant measurements in one test, so you don't need to create a new setup and reconnect the unit for each one. The TM1700 series works well using the DualGround method, making testing safe and saving you time by keeping the circuit breaker grounded on both sides throughout the test.

The timing measurement inputs use an active interference suppression algorithm to ensure correct timing and accurate PIR (Pre-Insertion Resistor) values, even at high capacitively coupled interference currents. The adaptive and easy-to-use software allows you to perform the test by simply turning the test switch without the need for settings. Thanks to this software, you're also only one click away from advanced help functions, such as connection diagrams, which can be clearly viewed on the 8-inch colour touch screen. There is also an on-screen keyboard that allows you to navigate the interface and operate it as a standalone unit.

Product Documents
Quick start
Quick start guide - Connection guide Dead tank
Quick start
Quick start guide - Connection guide Live tank
Technical Documents
Technical guide
First trip measurement with TM1700 and TM1800
CABA Local – Internal software for TM1700 and TM1800

CABA Local is applicable for installation on below Circuit breaker anlaysers

  • TM1700
  • TM1800
CABA Local version R06D

Please follow the installation instructions contained within.


For TM1800 with the four last digits of serial number equal to or lower than 0495 and running on Windows 2000 or Windows XP Embedded
38.5 MB | 10/12/21
CABA Local version R07D

Please follow the installation instructions contained within.
46.8 MB | 10/12/21
CABA Win - PC software

CABA Win is applicable for use together with the Circuit breaker analysers:

  • EGIL
  • TM1700
  • TM1800
  • TM1600 (obsolete)


CABA Win version R06E

Please follow the installation instructions contained within.
107.2 MB | 31/01/23
TM1700 firmware