Circuit breaker and overload relay test set

  • Digital memory ammeter
  • Digital multi-range timer
  • High current output
  • Solid-state output initiate circuit
  • Can provide up to 1000 amperes to simulate overload conditions

The CB-832 circuit breaker and overload relay test set has been designed to test the circuit breaker and overload relays by means of primary current injection. It is a self-contained test set that incorporates a variable high current output and appropriate control circuitry and instrumentation for testing thermal, magnetic, or solid-state motor overload relays, as well as molded-case circuit breakers and ground-fault trip devices.

One of the most common applications of the CB-832 is the calibration of magnetic overload relays, such as those used for protecting air conditioning systems. By providing up to 1000 amperes to simulate overload conditions, it also is capable of testing the time-delay characteristic of magnetic overload relays rated up to 500 amperes. In addition, the CB-832 can test the time-delay characteristics of thermal motor overload relays and molded-case circuit breakers rated up to 225 amperes, when following the recommended test procedure of testing the time delay of thermal devices at three times their rating.

Higher currents are available for the short durations required to test an instantaneous trip element. For example, the test set will provide a short duration output of 1800 amperes through a typical 225 ampere, molded-case circuit breaker. Additional applications include verifying the ratio of current transformers and testing panelboard ammeters and voltmeters.

Technical Documents
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