CBS1, CBS2, and CBS3

Circuit breaker stab sets

  • Connect to virtually all multi-amp circuit breaker test sets
  • Provide quick connection to breaker under test
  • Can accommodate over 70 types of breakers

The CBS-1 and CBS-2 circuit breaker stab sets allow connection to virtually all Megger circuit breaker test sets. Their use eliminates the significant losses that occur if leads are used to connect the breaker under test to a test set.

These stab sets allow testing of drawout style metal-clad breakers (cables must be used when testing molded-case circuit breakers or other devices that will not connect directly to the stab).

The CBS-3 stab sets are designed for circuit breakers that require a set of stabs designed specifically for that breaker. The most common breakers requiring the CBS-3 stabs are listed in the ordering information in the data sheet.