Combination system for cable testing and cable diagnosis

  • Two proven voltage wave shapes in one device
  • Standard compliant VLF cable testing with accompanying PD diagnosis
  • Non-destructive PD diagnosis by means of proven DAC voltage
  • 50 Hz Slope Technology for a direct comparison with the power frequency

The TDS NT combination system for cable testing and cable diagnosis offers you the highest degree of flexibility. The TDS NT consists of a multifunctional, compact voltage source and a modern PD detector. The TDS test voltage source can be used for both simple VLF tests or for commissioning tests with accompanying PD diagnosis in connection with the PD detector.

Thanks to the TDS NT's latest 50 Hz Slope Technology, it has become possible to immediately locate faults in underground cables during the actual PD measurement. With the 50 Hz Slope Technology, a withstand test with VLF cosine-rectangular voltage (VLF CR) and PD diagnosis with damped alternating current (DAC) is combined in one unit. This gives you an efficient and integrated solution for precise inventory of the network infrastructure. The important fact here is that the PD measurement data, gained with the VLF CR or with the DAC test voltage, can be compared directly with the 50/60 Hz network voltage. This facilitates reliable decision making.

PD Detector Software for MV DAC30, TDS NT, TDM 45, PDS 62
112.1 MB | 05/02/24