HPG50-D and HPG80-D

Compact AC and DC high voltage test systems

  • Compact, maintenance free, cast-resin high voltage transformers
  • Separate control and high voltage units „
  • Continuously adjustable voltage „
  • A powerful system: continuous operation at 1.2 kVA; 60 min. short operation at up to 3 kVA „
  • DC testing via the voltage-doubler rectifying attachment

The HPG50-D and HPG80-D compact AC and DC high voltage test systems are suitable for 50/60 Hz AC testing (35 to 58 kVRMS) and DC testing up to 100 kV and 160 kV respectively. The DC voltage is generated via a voltage doubler. The high voltage test systems consist of two separate units: the control unit and the high voltage unit. This separation enables you to use the test set on-site without any complications and at a safe distance. The control unit is used to operate the high voltage transformer and consists of a variac, current/voltage display instruments, a timer for the test duration, and a safety circuit.

The low voltage winding can be continuously excited from zero to the maximum value so that a certain output is available for a pre-determined period. The operating duration depends on the application, ranging from a few minutes to continuous operation.

This instrument is ideal for testing switchgears, voltage and current transformers, medium voltage plant/components, and DC cables.