Megger wins MRCT tender for an Indian substation

Megger wins MRCT tender for an Indian substation

MRCT in India


Relay and current transformers have been in high demand for a long time in India with only a handful of brands that customers are able to choose from. Megger entered this market in early 2016 but faced two critical challenges:

  • Matching technical and commercial qualification criteria
  • Identification of 765 kV site for validation


The end user in India required a specific criteria of performance certificate for the MRCT from 400 kV substation. After a series of demos at multiple sites and in-depth interactions with end user, the specification criteria for bidding was made more realistic. Megger’s Dallas factory managed to get a perfect performance certificate matching the tender’s qualifying criteria from worldwide customers in less than two weeks. This thanked to Megger’s excellent aftersales service management and well-maintained customer relationship over the years.

Next, Megger had to pass a successful demonstration in high noise 765 kV in the end user’s substation. The technical and product experts of Megger India travelled extensively to various regions in India to identify suitable 765 kV site for validation. Despite sites shutdown, long distance travel and multiple validation sessions, finally they managed to carry out a successful validation.

Other product feature criteria including turret CT testing, knee point voltage testing up to 4 kV and CT name plate guessing were esential. Megger stretched wide enough to embed these features into MRCT. Name plate guessing and Turret CT testing were indeed some of the major challenges and time consuming process for the factory to get implemented in the software before the demo in 6 weeks to validate the feature after implementation. 

Megger’s technical team in Dallas worked in these features within two weeks and Megger India team tested and validated these features on approximately 35 CTs (765 kV and 400 kV) to ensure its proper operation during final tender demo. This exercise assured that this feature stood implemented and showed better results than before in one to one comparison with other brands. 

For the turret CT testing feature, approximate eight site visits and 30 to 40 turret CTs were tested at 765 kV substations. Finally Megger performed a successful demonstration of MRCT as per end user's technical specification where it was evident that MRCT feature of MULTI-TAP testing could save a lot of testing time. 


Megger team worked consistently on several validations and successfully implemented those product features with suitable pricing. This led to Megger being the best and lowest in tender among all players and received a remarkable MRCT order of over 100 units.

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