COVID-19: Megger's strategy

COVID-19: Megger's strategy

Megger's PPE

At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we at Megger quickly implemented a strategy that focussed on looking after our people and supporting our customers. This meant implementing many control measures across our sites to ensure that the rapidly developing advice was being followed in the many locations that we operate. Many staff were asked to work from home and this move happened smoothly thanks to our company having invested in the latest global ERP tools/systems as well as  the recent roll out of Microsoft Teams, backed up by a highly capable IT team

We then introduced social distancing, travel restrictions, cleaning regimes, hygiene requirements, temperature checks and the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as needed to protect those that remained on our sites. In some cases, these have involved making do with the materials available, recognising we can install a permanent solution later once all of the hospitals and emergency care services have been fitted out .

This strategy has been a huge success and, despite a couple of scares, we are very proud to say that there has been no transmission on any of our sites and no site has had to close as a direct consequence of the pandemic, enabling us to serve our customers' needs. There have been some delays to shipments over the lockdown period, but our On Time and In Full (OTIF) delivery performance is now back to the same level as before the pandemic, which is a great reflection on the efforts of all our teams around the world.