Important announcement for all RES test set users

Important announcement for all RES test set users

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Following the acquisition of Relay Engineering Services Ltd by Megger Group, the following product lines will be replaced with the Megger alternative:

Maintained products

PCA2 Protection Condition Analyser We will continue to sell the PCA2 Protection Condition Analyser, the complete substation protection performance evaluation and recording system.

Product replacements

APTS3 Automatic Protection Test Set The APTS3 (and its associated interfaces) has been replaced by the Megger SMRT36 Protective Relay Test System. For size, weight, and features the SMRT36 is conceivably the smallest, lightest, highest output powered, complete phase relay test system in the world today.


ORTS3 Protection Relay Test Set The ORTS3 has been replaced by the Megger SMRT1 Single Phase Relay Test System. The SMRT1 is small, rugged, lightweight and powerful. It operates with or without a computer, and has an intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View interface.


TCT2 Trip Coil Tester and Timer The TCT2 has been replaced by the Megger B10E Trip Coil Tester plus Megger TM200 Digital Timer. The B10E DC voltage power supply can be used to test breaker coils. It provides a ripple-free variable DC voltage that can easily accommodate a high, variable load.


BTS Battery Test Set The BTS has been replaced by the Megger TORKEL840 and TORKEL860 Battery Load Units. The TORKEL840 and TORKEL860 can test batteries in service. The units adjust to include load currents in the test parameters and have user adjustable alarm and shutdown points to avoid excessive discharge.