Megger acquires the Diagnostic Laboratory business and InsuLogix® monitoring product line of Weidman

Megger acquires the Diagnostic Laboratory business and InsuLogix® monitoring product line of Weidmann Electrical Technology


Weidmann’s highly respected oil analysis laboratory services become part of Megger from 1st April 2023 and will operate under the AVO Diagnostic Services name, further strengthening its ability to offer online and off-line asset condition insights to the electrical power industry. The latest generation of the InsuLogix® HMA Dissolved Gas Analyzer (DGA) monitoring system is also acquired, aligning with the company strategy of developing on-line monitoring systems to provide insights for the performance management of electrical assets.

Oil Test Laboratories

The nine oil test laboratories in Canada, Mexico and the US will operate as AVO Diagnostic Services, providing the vital knowledge that operators need to help lower risk and improve their electrical system’s reliability. For over 30 years the laboratories have been providing actionable information to international standards through a combination of laboratory, field test interpretation, and engineering expertise, delivering complete diagnostic packages for specific equipment types. Bringing to Megger the people with the laboratory expertise gives us access to a large amount of valuable oil analysis data. In the future, working together with our strategic software partners IPS to develop advanced data analytics software, Megger will provide customers with valuable insight on their specific transformer(s) based on the learnings from this vast data set.

The new website should be live on Monday 3rd April.

On-line Monitoring DGA product

The InsuLogix® HMA is a high-performance online monitor that detects and monitors faults in power transformers and load tap changers by measuring the levels of Hydrogen (H2), Acetylene (C2H2) and Moisture. This product is currently only available in North America.