Megger makes PAT testing easier than ever

Megger makes PAT testing easier than ever

PAT100 series portable appliance testers

Megger’s new PAT100 series testers are currently available in three models: PAT120, PAT150 and PAT150R. All are complemented by a new smartphone/tablet app, which is available for Apple and Android devices. The app provides a concise guide to PAT testing, including risk assessment, determining retest frequency, and cable calculations for extension leads.

The keenly priced PAT120 provides all of the functions needed to carry out tests on the vast majority of commonly encountered portable appliances. It features pre-programmed test groups with fixed pass/fail limits for testing Class I and Class II appliances as well as extension and power leads. The use of Portable appliance tester in usetest groups means that the instruments carries out the correct sequence of tests automatically, with a minimum of operator intervention. Not only does this simplify testing, it also reduces testing time and guards against errors.

The PAT120 offers insulation testing at 500 V by default, but a 250 V option, which provides safe testing for IT equipment and surge protected devices, can be selected at the start of each test. Leakage testing is carried out using the “substitute” leakage method, which removes the need for access to a mains supply while performing the test.

For users who need to test an even wider range of portable and fixed equipment, the PAT150 offers all of the functions of the PAT120 plus many others. The additional functions include tests for 10 mA and 30 mA portable RCDs, and separate tests for continuity, insulation, leakage and SELV equipment, all of which can be accessed rapidly via the quick-test button.

With the PAT150, mains-powered leakage testing is also supported, and live-circuit measurement is available for testing the mains supply and socket polarity as well as for measuring voltages up to 300 V ac. Experienced users can quickly and easily adjust test group pass limits and test durations to suit special requirements, and the resistance of the bonding leads can be nulled to minimise measurement errors.

Both the PAT120 and the PAT150 can be powered by inexpensive and readily available AA-size alkaline cells or NiMH rechargeable batteries. The third model in the series, the PAT150R, offers identical functionality to the PAT150, but has provision for recharging NiMH batteries without removing them from the instrument.

Like all Megger products, instruments in the new PAT100 series have been designed from the outset with safety in mind, and they comply fully with all relevant UK and European requirements for electrical safety testing.

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