SMRT digital twin, the hottest topic of the autumn!

SMRT digital twin, the hottest topic of the autumn!

SMRT digital twin

The IEC 61850 international standard is the corner stone of smart grid and digital substations, so it’s no surprise that Smart Grid Forums arranged a conference aptly named ‘IEC 61850 Week’. For this year’s event Megger stepped up as Gold Sponsors and our very own Niclas Wetterstrand and Andrea Bonetti also presented on the topic of ‘Digital Twin Advances for virtual relay protection testing’ supported by Cédric Harispuru from Siemens.

Niclas, Business development director for Protection Product Management at Megger, said: “At first glance it might seem misplaced to talk about digital twins during an IEC 61850 focused conference, but in our view this audience is exactly the ones to target. Firstly, when introducing something new and futuristic, this audience is in the forefront of the normally conservative power industry, so the understanding and acceptance to new technology is high. Secondly, what the addition of a digital twin provides over the already existing IEC 61850 simulation is explained in our presentation and it actually ties nicely in with an IEC 61850 audience”.

This was the fourth time in a few months where the SMRT digital twin has been presented by Megger. Yet, at IEC 61850 Week, we managed to add some ‘magic’ to reinforce the key message, which is the idea of sharing the same data between the twins.

“We had a lot of fun when we created the presentation”, said Andrea. “We came up with an idea to strengthen the message by adding some humour, digital effects, and some magic; and please notice that there are no camera tricks in that! Special thanks to Hans Holmberg who helped with putting the presentation video together beautifully. It turned out to be very successful which we can see, not only through all positive feedback we get, but also from the interest in the digital twin”.

In just one week the Megger presentation was the most watched and within one month has received two times as many views as any other video published on Smart Grid Forums YouTube channel!

See here for a post from the IEC on the conference and Megger presentation.

Watch the full Megger presentation from IEC 61850 Week here and make sure to watch until the end for the surprise!

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