a Megger multifunction tester

There's a new MFT on the block!

In response to the fast changing needs of today’s electrical contractors, Megger has launched the new MFT range of multifunction installation testers. These combine the highest levels of safety with ease of use, exceptional versatility and outstanding value for money. All models in the new range have valuable extra functions that have been carefully selected to make life easier and more convenient for users.


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Transformer Testing Vans

Transformer Testing Vans

Throughout the contract to supply 10x Transformer Testing Vans with Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).

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Transformer Training Course

Transformer Training Course

Mau 24-26 2016 training session on Transformer conducted in Bahrain. Joacin Skoldin was a guest speaker from Megger Sweden.

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Circuit Breaker Training

Circuit Breaker Training Course

May 22-23 2016 training session on Circuit Breakers conducted in Bahrain. Roberts Neimanis was a guest Speaker from Megger Sweden.

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Equipment for testing transformers

A complete solution for testing transformers

Despite their versatility and ease of handling, at 32 kg in transport case, the TRAX220 is the lightest test set of its type and can even be transported by air as check-in luggage. The test sets in this range make no performance compromises and provide results that are just as accurate and dependable as those obtained from separate instruments.

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CT Field Diagnostics

Comprehensive Approach to CT Field Diagnostics

Current transformers (CT) serve as a critical and essential interface in the world of electrical power. The role of a CT, at first glance, may appear to be a simple one but, CTs function as one of the most important components of the electrical system infrastructure. The performance of these devices is reflected in the correct operation of metering devices, relays and circuit breakers. CTs differ from other transformers in that their robust construction and rugged design cause them to be uniquely applicable to long-term operation with minimum maintenance. 

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Transformer testing techniques

Transformer Testing Techniques & Standard Development

Transformer manufacturers and field operators have always benefited when new technologies are applied during design, manufacturing, commissioning, and operational processes that improve the quality and reliability of electrical apparatuses. The new computational tools and the continuous research by individuals in the academic, public, or private sector have created better materials capable of withstanding demanding service conditions, saving space, and minimizing energy losses. 

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High voltage power transformer substation

Transformer testing standards update - NETA '16

Review of IEEE, CIGRE and IEC standards for power transformer testing including overview of various frequency response analysis (FRA) techniques.

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India CSR

Megger India proudly stands for CSR!

Megger is committed to ethical and inclusive business operations, which is aimed at internalising sustainability perspective in its operations and business policies. Hereby We proudly announce, that Megger is now part of CSR act. In this move to be more responsible and have sustainable future We are partnering with NGO's, CSO's, Govt Training institutions and business associations to support initiatives and improve awareness on safe use of electrical & electronics tools appliances in youth and households.

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DLRO100 digital low resistance ohmmeter

New high current micro-ohmmeter works your way

Megger’s new DLRO100 digital low resistance ohmmeters are readily portable lightweight instruments that can deliver a test current of 100 A. They can be supplied with internal rechargeable Li-ion batteries that provide sufficient power for up to 200 manual/automatic tests on a single charge. This makes it easy for users to perform high-current low-resistance testing in almost any location, even if there is no access to a mains supply.

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