PA9 accessories

PA9 accessories

Current transformers

  • Used with the PA-9Plus and other data recorders
  • Available in a flexible or clamp-on option
  • A number of lengths and sizes for all power measurement needs
  • Special rain tight CT allows for functionality in outside environments
  • Easy to use and install

Megger offers a comprehensive line of both flexible and clamp-on current transformers that are used with power quality analyzers and recording volt-ammeters. These accessories are specifically geared for use with the entire PA-9 Series along with the SLM-8 Recording Volt-Ammeter and the older PA7, RVA4 and RA recorders.

The CT, also known as a current probe (CP) or current clamp, is self powered and does not require the use of a battery when used with Megger PA-9 or PA-9Plus instruments. Megger also markets a battery-operated CT for customers who require one with their power quality product or older Megger unit.

Power Quality Software - PA9
PA-9 PLUS download and installation instructions
265.7 KB | 10/12/21
PA-9 PLUS software and firmware - EN, FR, ES, DE
11.9 MB | 10/12/21
PA-9 PLUS Software and Firmware Manual - English
2.9 MB | 10/12/21
PA-9 PLUS Software and Firmware Manual - French
3.4 MB | 10/12/21
PA-9 Software and Firmware Package
5.3 MB | 10/12/21
PA-9 Unit and Software Manual
2.7 MB | 10/12/21
Report Generation Software - EN, FR, ES
5.5 MB | 10/12/21