MDP Series

MDP Series

Distribution Profiler

  • Choice of three models that record currents up to 1000 amps, with an additional 200 amp over-range
  • Waveform capture and harmonic analysis up to the 32nd order
  • Power factor/power and relative voltage RMS magnitude
  • Patent pending metal spring device secures the unit tightly in place on overhead lines
  • Accurate data capture via advanced MDP software
  • Lightweight, durable unit housed in a weatherable urethane case
  • Sturdy battery compartment with easy plug-in access for quick data retrieval

The Megger MDP series of distribution profilers provides power utilities with the most accurate and extensive information ever to precisely evaluate loading on feeders/overhead lines and to identify needed upgrades or replacement. Three different models range from a simple “current-only” version to the most advanced unit that offers a number of market-requested features. Each MDP can be easily upgraded to the next model at any time.

The Profilers are quickly installed at any point on the distribution line. An arrow on the back of the MDP unit should point towards the load. Since all units are mechanically identical and weigh less than 4.6 lbs (2.1 kg), they are easily mountable to many readily available clamp sticks for installation on live lines. Cable diameters from 0.2 in. to 1.2 in. (.5 cm to 3.0 cm) can be accommodated.

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