Asset performance management software

Optimize operations and uncover the power of your asset’s data with our asset performance management (APM) solutions

No two industries are the same, and nor are the conditions that assets must perform under. That’s why our extensive experience across a variety of industries gives us the expertise to help bolster your APM strategies and navigate challenges to asset optimization. Our innovative APM solutions can meet the unique challenges of your sector, from the strict regulatory requirements of oil and gas operations to the high uptime demands of data centers.

Break down data silos:

Managing countless assets across a wide area in an industrial facility or utility network? Complete visibility into asset performance doesn’t need to be a pipedream — Megger’s asset performance software gives you total visibility into asset health data, all in one place. No more siloed data and no more barriers to valuable insight.

Intelligent maintenance:

The best maintenance strategy is proactive. With asset health insights available in a single APM solution, you can inform your maintenance strategy and refine it according to asset health. Whether it’s to ensure smooth data center operations or to prevent downtime in manufacturing facilities, our APM solutions help you take a smarter approach to your maintenance.

Consistent data collection:

Maintaining a consistent flow of asset data is invaluable — especially in industries with strict reporting requirements, such as oil and gas, industrial, or utilities. Our APM tools ensure data is consistently collected, and reporting is made easy. 

Complete compatibility:

No matter if you’re an on-site engineer with multiple assets from different manufacturers or a service partner looking for third-party device integration, compatibility between APM solutions and assets is essential. Our APM tools are compatible with a wide range of instruments and equipment, removing the risk of gaps in collected data.