At Megger our people strategy is delivered through five key pillars: Engage and enable full potential; Support the Well-being of everyone; Foster an environment of Diversity & Inclusion; Live Megger Values; and Attract and Retain the Very Best People. This is underpinned by our guidance and support tools. 

We’re a team who come together to support the business to drive a culture of respect and inclusion and give colleagues the opportunities for having a fulfilling career. HR helps shape futures. 

Maintaining a diverse pipeline of talent and critical skills is key to fulfilling our future customer needs, our HR team connect with the right talent and help them to thrive with us. Whether it's recruitment or training, employee relations or strategy, the work within the HR function makes an impact – on our people, our business, and One Megger.  

We develop strong talent management frameworks that govern the Group's high-potential talent programme, succession planning and career management process. This year we reviewed our HiPo programme, to incorporate colleagues from all areas of Megger, ensuring a pipeline of talent is created across all levels of the organisation and provides the skills for the future. We are working towards new talent dashboards to provide insights on succession plan risks and our high potential talent, enabling decisions on priority actions. 

At Dover we ensure critical talent is retained, the leadership teams regularly carry out targeted reviews of employees identified with critical skills to ensure delivery of off-cycle salary increases that are meaningful and intended to improve market position to retain key employees. In addition to these targeted increases, the team are also involved with assessing salary benchmarking to ensure competitive locally but also, nationally, and internationally. 

Within HR we lead on all areas to ensure colleagues engaged, retained and our policies support the attraction of newcomers to the team, these include: 

The team is responsible for recruitment and mobility and is responsible for recruitment processes (search, selection, recruitment, and integration of new recruits…) and following the employee career development from employee reviews to annual activity discussions and professional development. 

A talent team provide easily accessible support on training, designs and develops training solutions suited to colleague’s needs. 

Employee Relations 
Our team consult with various groups, including employee representation groups such as Employee Communications Forum, propose policies and procedures and ensure their implementation and involved with individual ER Concerns. 

Establishes and verifies salaries, working hours, leave, coverage, etc. Manages individual contracts, guides leadership team in support of colleagues. 

Salaries and Compensation 
Lead and manage all pay policies and remuneration plans (job review, benchmarking, market studies, internal studies, and reporting) and policies surrounding benefits (performance pay, bonus’s) and has a working knowledge or Social Benefits including pensions and related contract terms.