22 May
Introduction to HV CB testing techniques and condition assessments

Topic: Introduction to HV CB testing techniques and condition assessments

Agenda as follows:

  • CB types and testing challenges
  • Conventional and advance tests methods ( Dynamic Resistance and Capacitance  for Vs timing)
  • Importance of tests and interpretation for coil currents.
17 June
A guide to automated CT testing

Topic: A guide to automated CT testing

Agenda as follows:

  • Current transformers fundamentals 
  • Conventional methods of testing Current transformers
  • Automated methods of testing current transformers
  • Testing with Megger MVCT and software ITMS
17 July
Battery impedance test: analysis and trending

Topic: Battery impedance test: alanysis and trending

Agenda as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Why ohmic values?
  • Why impedance method?
  • Impedance test principle
  • Best practices
  • Reviewing a test result
  • Analysis of ohmic results
  • Effects of failure modes
  • Summary
01 August
An introduction to earth testing methods

Topic: An introduction to earth testing methods

Agenda as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Earthing Theory at a glance
  3. Types of Earth Testing
  4. Megger’s Earth Testers
  5. New DET2/3 features and benefits
25 August
Introduction to power transformer maintanace and testing

Topic: Introduction to power transformer maintanance and testing

Angeda as follows: 

  • Important of Transformers as Asset among other asset in network.
  • Monitoring and assisting condition of service transformer.
  • Guide and tools are needed to monitoring transformer.
  • Direct and in direct measurement that are needed to evaluate the condition.


15 September
Introduction to automated distance relay testing level 2

Topic: Introductions to automated distance relay testing level 2 – pilot protection, switch on to fault (SOTF), power swing blocking

Agenda as follows:

• Distance relays fundamentals  
• Distance relays additional function
• Distance Pilot protection 
• SOTF function  
• Distance Power swing 
• Testing by Megger RTMS

15 October
Process to troubleshoot power quality problems

Topic: A step by step process to troubleshoot power quality problems

Agenda as follows:

  • PQ phenomena
  • PQ problem evaluation procedure
  • Key steps for a good PQ survey
  • Data assessment
11 November
HV dielectric frequency response

Topic: High Voltage Dielectric Frequency Response for Bushing and Instrument Transformer Diagnosis


  • Introduction
  • Dielectric response in frequency doman
    • Line frequency power factor
      • Variable voltage power factor
      • Voltage dependence detection
  • Dielectric frequency response
    • LV field test
    • HV field test
  • Summary


03 March
05 March
Middle East Energy Dubai

Formerly known as Middle East Electricity

Middle East Energy is positioned as a global energy event with exhibitors and attendees converging from all over the world. The show remains a priority for energy manufacturers and suppliers looking to showcase new technologies and innovative solutions covering the entire energy value chain.

According to the MENA Power Industry Outlook, the Middle East alone will require USD 55 billion for an additional 43 GW of generating capacity and USD 34 billion for transmission, with much of the funding for development coming from both public and private sector budgets.