19 February
Source Tracking for Modern approach to electric motor reliability - Part1: offline test

- Winding resistance of Motors (finding issue related to balance of winding) 
- Insulation resistance of Motors (first test in every asset) 
- Polarization index (PI) (finding issue related and confirming to contamination or moisture) 
- DC step-voltage (finding issue related to moisture or contamination) 
- DC hipot Insuring the insulation withstand 
- Surge (Best method for finding faults between turn-to-turn , inter turns issues)

03 March
05 March
Middle East Energy Dubai

Formerly known as Middle East Electricity

Middle East Energy is positioned as a global energy event with exhibitors and attendees converging from all over the world. The show remains a priority for energy manufacturers and suppliers looking to showcase new technologies and innovative solutions covering the entire energy value chain.

According to the MENA Power Industry Outlook, the Middle East alone will require USD 55 billion for an additional 43 GW of generating capacity and USD 34 billion for transmission, with much of the funding for development coming from both public and private sector budgets.

18 March
Factory acceptance tests of power and distribution transformers using ICMsystem

Factory acceptance tests of power and distribution transformers using ICMsystem Nowadays partial discharge testing is a common part of factory acceptance test procedures for power and distribution transformers. On one hand this is due to the simple fact that the relevant standards for transformers require partial discharge testing as part of the factory acceptance test (FAT) procedure. This is a free webinar.

18 March
Modern approach to electric motor reliability - Part2: online test


1- Current
Problems such as over-loading, poor connections, misconnections, iron saturation and miswound motors.

2- Power Quality
identifies power quality problems that can stress a motor, such as distortion, imbalances or improper levels.

3- Spectrum
Hard-to-detect issues such as broken rotor bars or bearing faults can be detected with the instrument’s spectrum analysis capabilities, including demodulated spectrum.

4- Torque
The innovative torque analysis capabilities can expose torque-related problems. The torque time and spectrum signatures are used to diagnose mechanical problems.

5- Transient startup
troubleshooting any motor system issues at start-up and diagnosing timing issues involves discerning if a problem is with the power fed to the motor, the motor itself, or the load.