Cable fault location seminars

Cable fault location seminars


Taking place in Baunach, this seminar offers participants theoretical and practical knowledge for cable fault location.


  • History and construction of cables
  • Fault types, electrical and physical characteristics
  • Analyzing the fault, series or shunt fault, flashover fault, open circuit fault, ground contact fault, ingress of moisture
  • Principles of cable fault location
  • Safety issues about cable fault location
  • Cable fault prelocation:
    • Time Domain Reflectrometry (TDR)
    • Arc Reflection Method (ARM)
    • Impulse Current Measurement (ICE)
    • Decay measurement
    • Other advanced methods and their application
  •  Pinpoint location of cable faults
    • high resisitive faults
    • low resistive faults
  • Sheath testing and fault location
  • Line tracing
  • Cable and phase identification
  • Cable test vans and systems
  • Different maintenance strategies
  • Cable testing and diagnostic methods for different
  • cable types
  • Practical exercises


General technical knowledge of electrical power systems.


26 March 2018 - 29 March 2018