SmartFuse 2

SmartFuse 2

Fault locator and monitor for low voltage grids

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of current and voltage progression
  • Early warning of impending grid overload
  • Automatic restoration of power supply
  • Minimised downtimes
  • Cable fault location with households connected
  • Modular multi-polar design

The SmartFuse2 (SFC2) multifunctional electronic circuit breaker system for load currents up to 250 A and is perfect for testing low voltage power grids. It tells you in advance if a power failure will happen, keeps outage times to a minimum, and can help you locate cable faults without disconnecting the consumer from the mains!

The SFC2 replaces conventional HRC standard fuses and is compatible with NH02 and NH03 fuse holders and offers maximum flexibility through its modular multipolar design. It monitors the current and voltage progression in real time, continuously records the data, and reports events to you via the mobile phone network (GSM, 3G), WiFi,or LAN. Finally, it'll give you an early warning if the grid overload is threatened and can be configured to automatically restore the power.


SmartFuse 250
SmartFuse 250 Firmware


Firmware update install instructions:


1. Download the zip file "SFC250_Firmware_XXXX".


2. Copy the zip file to your USB stick.


3. Extract the zip file.


4. Update SFC250:


- Connect SFC250 with all components

- Insert USB stick into SFC250 and supply SmartFuse with power

- The update can take several minutes

- Update is successful when in the lower left of the SFC display, the updated "2.XXX" appears




  • 2444 - 'Released Version'
  • 2450 - 'Beta version (support for multi-roaming SIM-cards)'
52.2 MB | 18/02/22
52.2 MB | 18/02/22