PAT400 series

Database-driven portable appliance testers

  • Vast on-board memory to keep you the job longer
  • Continuous operation, no need to stop and wait for the tester to cool down
  • Instant re-start as you move from room to room testing
  • Soft keys to speed you through the testing process
  • Full PAT testing including RCD testing
  • Most productive tester in its class

The PAT400 series of database-driven portable appliance testers have full database functionality based on the well-received PAT300 series. The PAT400 series introduces a new level of convenience and speed to PAT testing using on-board test results. It is a new generation of downloading portable appliance testers, fully testing portable electrical equipment to the latest edition of the Code of Practice for the In-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment.

The series consists of three products:

  • PAT410: perfect for those content to bond test solely at 200 mA, The smallest, lightest of the series, it weighs only 2.7 kg. It provides a low-profile, 230 V-only solution without the added weight required of 110 V operation, plus a database capacity for up to 10 000 test results.
  • PAT420: offers earth bond testing at all three currents, 200 mA, 10 A, and 25 A, and has 230 V and 110 V operation. It provides the same extensive memory and downloading capability as the PAT410 and is ideal for those who are full-time industrial or commercial PAT testers. 
  • PAT450: this instrument is top of the range with all the features of the PAT410 and 420 and, in addition to the three-bond test and 230 V and 110 V operation, this tester offers 1.5 kV and 3.0 kV flash testing, making it the perfect tool for hire and repair workshops.

All products in the range have a high duty-cycle, with the design tailored to fast testing, easy operation, and all-day use. The PAT400 series features a unique fast-re-start, so that when moving the tester from one room to another, it re-starts instantly from the same menu where it was unplugged. This is a significant timesaver, allowing you to perform more tests per day.

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Firmware for PAT300 and 400 series

The PAT300/400 Series portable appliance testers are firmware upgradeable via a Windows PC with a USB interface. Firmware updates are developed and released to add additional functionality to your PAT300/400 Series tester.


i, You must register your PAT300/400 Series portable appliance tester in order to download the update software and associated firmware files.

ii, Install PAT upgrader driver software BEFORE connecting your PAT300/400 Series tester to your computer via the USB interface.

iii, Each PAT400 zip file contains multiple language versions with applicable test groups, please use the correct file corresponding to your region.

Please follow PAT upgrader instructions accompanying the upgrader software. Latest PAT300/400 firmware version 2.50. If using in conjunction with PowerSuite software, an upgrade may be required in order to provide compatibility with the latest firmware.

Do not install firmware version 2.50 if your current firmware version is below 2.10.

Latest firmware version: 2.50 - Released 2014

PAT300 Firmware 2.50
3.1 MB | 03/11/23
PAT release notes v2.50
10.9 KB | 03/11/23
PAT410 Firmware 2.50
12.3 MB | 03/11/23
PAT420 Firmware 2.50
9.2 MB | 03/11/23
PAT450 Firmware 2.50
12.3 MB | 03/11/23