Handheld controller for SMRT/MRCT

  • Large high-resolution color TFT LCD touchscreen intuitive smart navigation makes testing relays easier
  • Standard software includes ramping, timing, sequencer/transient earth fault simulator, impedance, differential, transducer, and meter test
  • Enhanced Software includes synchronizer, frequency/ ROCOF, Megger GOOSE Configurator (MGC) and Sampled Values Analyser (SVA), COMTRADE transient playback, power swing/out of step, and SS1 file playback

The Smart Touch View Interface™ (STVI) is extremely easy to use. The STVI uses a standard Ethernet cable, and Power Over Ethernet (POE) operation. The STVI includes non-volatile built-in data storage for saving tests and test results. Two USB ports is provided for transferring test results to an external storage device for transferring to a PC at a later stage and to possibly use a USB mouse and/or keyboard.


Released: September, 2023

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STVI Local Firmware Update Instructions
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