Tan Delta Test Attachment

Integral cable diagnosis system

  • Automatic result interpretation acc. to IEEE 400.2
  • Leakage current correction for precise measurements
  • High wireless range
  • Unaffected by multiple earthing
  • Measurement at high voltage potential

The Tan Delta Test Attachment is an integral cable diagnosis system that enables a precise determination of the condition of the cable. Integral aging effects, such as the degree of humidity and 'water treeing' can be simply recognised and quantified, making the tan delta test attachment the ideal instrument for monitoring the condition of the cable. The system achieves very accurate measurements because it measures at the high voltage potential and the measuring head can be placed very close to the test object.

During the measurement, the voltage current and the loss factor 'δ' are displayed graphically in real time, which means critical cables can be detected at an early stage and the voltage load on the test object can be kept to a minimum. At the end of the measurement, a recommendation will be given based on the IEEE 400.2 standard and a type of insulation selected.

The tan delta test attachment can be used as a standalone system, with the portable VLF sine systems, or in combination with the integrated VLF sine test systems in vehicles.