Motor and Phase Rotation Tester

Motor and phase rotation tester

  • Complete phase-sequence and motor-rotation testing in one instrument
  • Ensures correct phase hookup in one easy test
  • Rugged and portable tester
  • Performs additional polarity and continuity checks

The Motor and Phase Rotation Tester permits the electrical contractor or industrial maintenance electrician to permanently connect and tape the terminals of the motor being installed, without having to first energize the motor by a temporary hookup from a power source, if available, to determine motor rotation. A such, the test set eliminates the need for temporary connections that can be time consuming, costly, and hazardous, particularly where many large, high voltage motors are involved.

The Motor and Phase Rotation Tester provides a positive way to identify the leads of a disconnected polyphase motor; it also identifies true phase sequence of energized 60 Hertz AC power lines up to 600 V. Both are necessary to ensure that a motor will rotate in a prescribed direction when energized. There are three other important uses for this testing device: it can determine the polirity of power and instrument transformers; it can identify phase and polarity of winding sections of multiple-winding (delta- and star-connected) motors; and it can be used as a continuity tester in checking electrical circuits.

The three motor leads on the left side of the test set are for attaching to the terminals of the motor being tested for rotation determination. In case you accidentally touch these leads to an energized circuit, you're protected by fuses inserted into the motor and test leads These standard fuses are easily removed and replaced from their panel-mounted holders.

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