Multifunction tester

  • Designed for the electrical testing of single and 3-phase installations.
  • Brand new features including full colour screen, RCD configurator and EV charge point testing.
  • Fully compatible with CertSuite Installation​ for easy certificate generation and reporting.
  • TrueLoop™ measurement using patented confidence meter.
  • Never be without power with our quick-remove battery pack and rechargeable battery option.

The MFT-X1 introduces our first generation of platform based, user upgradeable MFTs, to add to the existing Megger MFT1700 range of multifunction testers. It has been designed and manufactured at our Dover factory in the UK, incorporating a host of new features based on years of customer input. With the MFT-X1, we now offer True Loop™, our industry leading loop impedance test with patented Confidence Meter™ technology, full CertSuite Installation compatibility - to make certificate generation a breeze - high resolution loop testing, stabilised insulation voltage output, full colour screen and new operator interface are now standard. The user upgradeable operating software ensures the MFT-X1 has the ability to adapt to regulation changes and make it the perfect instrument for fast, reliable, accurate and adaptable testing.

Intended for use on all low voltage electrical installations including EV charge points and domestic photo-voltaic systems, the range of test capabilities allow for general commissioning of installations and periodic maintenance as well as detailed fault diagnostics.


MFT-X1 Firmware

You can update the MFT-X1 when a new firmware release is available. The firmware releases are listed below with date released and summary of additional features:

Check the firmware revision of your MFT-X1 by selecting the "Settings" mode on the instrument and using the right arrow button to select "INST". The GUI and measurement versions are displayed. If a more recent firmware revision is available on this page, it can be downloaded to a microSD card as below.

MFT-X1 Firmware update


To update your instrument operating system:

The update process installs the new OS from a microSD card. It is important to use a blank microSD card for this purpose.


The microSD card MUST be removed from the instrument after the update has been completed, or the instrument will try to install the update each time it is switched on.


NOTE: Minimum recommended microSD card size is 4 GB and the maximum card size is 32 GB.

NOTE: The card must be formatted to the FAT32 format.


Download the latest operating system onto microSD card


1. Download the file from the link below.


2. Locate the MFT-X1 update ZIP file.


3. Unzip this file to your microSD card. It contains the instructions for updating the operating system and the required xxx.BIN file.


4. Check the version on the microSD card and verify the new file is a later revision than the one installed on the MFT-X1. Check Settings > INST > GUI Version.


5. Ensure the instrument is switched OFF and disconnect the test leads from the instrument.


6. Remove the battery pack and unscrew the fuse cover.


7. Fit the microSD card with the .BIN file into the microSD slot. (See user guide for guidance)


8. Replace the fuse cover and battery.


9. Switch the MFT-X1 to any range. The display will acknowledge the .BIN file is present.


10. Press the "Test" button. The instrument will now run 4 update steps.


11. At the end of a successful update the MFT-X1 will ask to be switched OFF.


12. Switch OFF the instrument and remove the microSD card. This is IMPORTANT. If left in the instrument will run another installation.


13. Replace fuse cover and battery pack. The instrument can now be used for testing.


It is very rare for the MFT-X1 to fail to update. In case of failure, refer to the user guide for possible errors during the update process.


Firmware releases:

Firmware version:                 Date:                  Release features

4.1.0                                          07-09-2023       - French language option available from the Instrument option in Settings

                                                                                - Spanish language option available from the Instrument option in Settings
                                                                                - Audible warning to the PE warning flag
                                                                                - Removal of the CAL date from settings screen
1.8 MB | 19/10/23
MFT-X1 Firmware (previous versions)

Firmware version:                 Date:                  Release features

3.0.1                                          01-05-2023       New auto-start loop impedance test and bi-directional continuity

2.0.4                                          31-03-2023       Original released version
1.8 MB | 19/10/23
1.8 MB | 19/10/23