On-load protection condition analyser

  • Tests entire system (relay, breaker, tripping supply, CT, wiring etc.) simultaneously
  • Records full protection operation sequence (before, during and after fault, trip or reclose)
  • Captures critical ‘first trip’
  • On or off-load injection test set or timer
  • On or off-load breaker analyser
  • General purpose oscillographic or event recorder with COMTRADE export
  • Quick PC data transfer via USB drive

Developed in conjunction with a major European utility, the PCA2 incorporates an advanced current injection unit together with a deep-memory high-resolution multichannel current/voltage/contact-event recorder. Both injection and recording functions can be used together or totally independently.


All instrument control is via a bright high-resolution colour touch-screen. The built-in printer provides an instant hard-copy printout. The USB port enables quick and convenient results transfer to a PC via ‘pen drives’ as well as the use of a barcode reader for quick site data entry.