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The Megger "Watt's Up" Podcast features industry experts and their enlightening discussions about electrical testing, maintenance and the current trends in the power, generation and distribution industry.


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Episode 7 - Renewable Energy


Testing renewables energy sources can be tricky at the best at times, let alone in some of the most remote parts of the world. Felix Lesmis walks us through the challenges and triumphs of renewables energies.



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Episode 8 - Frequency Protection


Frequency protection is an essential part of testing protection elements. Niclas Wetterstand walks us through the use of frequency protection and how they comply to new standards and older relay units.


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Episode 9 - Trending Analysis


Within the transformer segment, Dr. Diego Robalino strives to be at the forefront of the latest "trends". He explains why trending your data should be integral to every maintenance schedule and how it can help you avoid catastrophic failure.


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Episode 10 - Self Powered Relays


There are significant differences in self-powered relays and traditional relays. Niclas Wetterstrand explains the different testing methodologies for both and how these may effect cost and time effectiveness.


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Episode 11 - International Landscape of the Railway Industry


DC High speed circuit breakers come with their own set of challenges. Tinku and Niclas set the record straight on why maintaining them to the standards is crucial and how standards have the potential to be misinterpreted.


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Episode 12 - Static and Dynamic Testing


Static and dynamic testing have huge, as well as nuanced, differences. Dr. Diego Robalino explains the differences between the two and how to make the most of each testing methodology.


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Episode 13 - Circuit breakers


Circuit breakers are critical to electrical circuits and testing them correctly can greatly impact their effectiveness. Niclas Wetterstand explains how some of the newest testing units on the market can ensure your testing of these circuit breakers is flawless.


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Episode 14 - Impact of Eco Friendly Transformers


Creating effecent transformers can have a huge impact on the wider environment. In this episode Dr Diego Robalino walks us through why eco-friendly transformers are the future of the industry and what the future of the industry might look like.



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