EZ-THUMP 12 kV, model V3

Portable fault location system for MV networks

  • Compact, light, and rugged field instruments
  • Battery and AC line operation
  • Automatic end-of-cable and fault locating
  • 4 kV or 12 kV output versions available
  • Transflective colour display
  • ARM prelocation
  • Fault pinpointing (thumping)
  • Optional Sectionalising Software*

Weighing less than 33 kg, the EZ-Thump series are the most portable fault location systems on the market. They use the 'Easy Go' test system, which is easy to operate, interprets the results, and requires minimal training.

On-board is a time domain reflectometer (TDR) with a 7.6 km range and arc reflection at 4 or 12 kV respectively for pre-locating. For pinpointing, the EZ-Thump offers a surge energy of 500 J DC testing for breakdown detection and insulation resistance measurement. The units are operated from line or the internal battery. They can fit in the boot of a car, making them ideal for a flexible quick-response fault finding strategy.

All EZ-Thump models are compact, battery and AC line operated, portable cable fault location systems. They are designed for quick, effective, accurate, and safe fault locating operations that greatly reduce the system outage time for customers.

Due to their rugged yet portable enclosure, they are ideally suited for all typical fault locating operations on MV cables, as well as on LV cables.

The 12 kV model can be used as part of a 'satellite' fault locating solution for remote areas that may have less frequent faults, where ease of operation, light weight, and economics are important. As such, it is also ideal for hard-to-access inner-city locations.

The 3 kV and 4 kV units offer a convenient solution for industrial fault locating applications up to 3 or 4 kV, street light fault locating, or fault locating in LV power circuits in the utility industry, featuring point-to-point cables.

The units require no adjustments and are operated via a rotary control knob.

Technical Documents
Technical guide
Power Cable Fault Locating Safety Notice
E-Tray Software




Prior to updating the affected products to software version 2.5.2/0.43 or later, you must first consult the factory via the contact information provided below to determine if your instrument hardware can support the upgrade. Failure to consult the factory prior to performing software upgrades could leave your instrument in a state that will require it to be sent in for repair.

Please have the following information ready before you call:

  •   Instrument model and serial number
  •   ETray Hardware revision which is determined by using the 'ETray revision software' located below. 

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ETray Demo for PC (Windows 7 64-bit)
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E-Tray Revision Software to determine controller version
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ETray Software


This is the software for use in the following products:


·EZ-Restore Overdrive



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