Portable cable fault location system

  • High voltage insulation testing up to 32 kV
  • Proof/burn up to 32 kV, 40/20 mA
  • 16/32 kV, 1500 Joules surge output
  • Arc reflection multi-shot method
  • Differential arc reflection
  • Impulse current (ICE)
  • Impulse current loop on/loop off
  • Integrated 10.4 in screen colour TDR
  • F-OHM safety circuit for proper grounding
  • Two discharge and grounding contacts for independent discharging of capacitor and test circuit

The SG32-1500M portable cable fault location system is designed to provide quick, effective, accurate, and safe fault location for 10 kV cables, thereby reducing system outages and minutes lost. It is used to prove the integrity of and identify/confirm fault conditions in cable networks. The variable output voltage can also be used for sheath testing at 5 or 10 kV.

The instrument comes in a rugged yet portable enclosure, which makes it suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The SG32 provides all typical methods for cable testing: cable and fault diagnosis, pre-location of cable faults, fault conditioning, and pinpoint fault location using magnetic acoustic methods.