Portable fault location system

  • True portable outdoor-ready unit, IP 43
  • Very easy to use 'turn and click' single rotary knob interface
  • Surge/thump energy 2000 Joules
  • DC testing up to 40 kV, surging/thumping up to 32 kV, burning up to 40 kV
  • Pre-location methods: Inductive ARM with multishot, ICE, and DECAY
  • Built-in safety circuits for earth connection monitoring (F-Ohm) and touch potential monitoring (F-Voltage)
  • Full TDR control of all HV functions

The STX40 portable fault location system is the most powerful of its kind in the market. It is ideal for proof testing, analysing, pre-locating and pinpointing faults on extruded low voltage and medium voltage XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables. With its 40 kV DC source, and a potent high frequency burner, it is also highly effective on PILC cables.

The STX40 is fully automated with motorised HV switches controlled by either the rotary knob or the industry-grade colour touch screen. 

You can learn more about the STX40 here: STX40 portable fault location system

STX Operating Firmware

For update packages that contain only one rpm file and therefore only require an update of the operating software, proceed as follows:

1.  Copy the zip file to the main directory of a USB flash drive.

2.  Unzip the zip file to obtain the rpm file in main directory of the USB flash drive. 

3.  Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the powered-off STX 40.

4.  Turn on the STX 40.

Result: The new version of the operating software is automatically detected and installed at start-up.

Do not turn off STX 40 during the update.

STX Operating Firmware
164.7 MB | 08/02/23