Portable Power Quality Analyzer

  • Power off Phase A or auxiliary, allowing it to be used anywhere
  • Weather proof to NEMA 4 standard for use in any environment
  • Auto CT identifies the current that the instrument is connected to and the range that it is in
  • Configuration verification which highlights if the product has been connected incorrectly
  • On-board data analysis which can compare results against compliance standards, including setting templates for internal company standards

The MPQ2000 portable power quality analyser has features which make it ideal for testing power quality in any environment, including rugged, weatherproof hardware, and the ability to power off Phase A or auxiliary power. 

But the hardware is not all it’s about – behind the sturdy exterior is an intelligence that is focused on minimizing errors and making your testing more efficient, with industry-leading software that enables you to quickly and easily analyse your results.

Product Documents
Quick start
Quick guide - MPQ2000
Brochure - MPQ2000
Quick start
Quick start guide - MPQ2000
Data sheet
Data sheet - MPQ2000
Data sheet
Data sheet - MPQSIM
User guide
MPQ2000 User Guide
User guide
User guide - Megger power quality software
User guide
User guide - MPQ SIM
User guide
User guide for MCCV6000-18
User guide
User guide for MCCV6000-27
Technical Documents
Technical guide
Pumping Station Motor Analysis
Technical guide
A guide to power quality testing
Technical guide
Approved SD Cards for the MPQ Series
Technical guide
Common PQ issues: transients
Technical guide
Common PQ issues: voltage dips and swells
Technical guide
Configuring the MPQ2000 for troubleshooting
Technical guide
Demand Power and Energy (Part 1)
Technical guide
Introduction to harmonics
Technical guide
Measuring current on a CT secondary circuit
Technical guide
PQ influences on telecommunications
Technical guide
Scheduled run - MPQ series of power quality analysers
Technical guide
Transferring data from the MPQ to the PC
Megger PQ Firmware for MPQ Series PQ Analysers
Firmware Update 2018.06.07 (A)
11.8 MB | 24/01/19
Firmware Update 2018.06.07 (B)
11.8 MB | 24/01/19
Download Firmware to USB Stick
130.7 KB | 24/01/19
MPQ Old Main Board Firmware installation instructions
157.8 KB | 24/01/19
MPQ New Main Board Firmware installation instructions
157.8 KB | 24/01/19
Megger PQ PC Software for MPQ Series PQ Analyzers

Software Version:

Unzip the file and execute the Installer file MeggerPQ_ML_2.2.0.4.exe

The installer will over write any previous install and clean up any files no longer needed.

The files will be loaded to the Megger installation folder.

This software version adds the following functionality.

1.     Adds Czech language support

2.     Adds an EN50160 report to the standard report compliment.

For those that wish to validate the content of the installer file, there is an MD5 text file included which contains the hash code for the installer file.

The MD5 hash was created with the program fsum.exe from SlavaSoft Inc.   (

Beside your own MD5 calculator either the fsum.exe or HashCalc.exe programs from SlavaSoft can be used to verify the download integrity of the file.  Megger has no affiliation with SlavaSoft Inc. This information is only provided for your convenience.

Link MPQ Software Download for PC
21.9 MB | 24/01/19
Link User guide - Megger power quality software
1.9 MB | 17/01/19